2. reginaldthomasphotography said: You're awesome. If your 7 tattoo is symbolic of what I presume it to be, I dig it. I love your clairvoyance, and how you interact with people. Hope all is well.

    (((reflections))) brown one.

    i presume it IS (my 7). i am in love with your film work. it is photography in motion. but i love what you shoot when you stop.

    tell you (and others) a secret: 

    photography is just a pit stop. i am a writer on sabbatical. my father died less than 2 years ago. he spoke to everybody that he met in the streets while he was here. and i am speaking to everybody that i meet while he is gone. this is me…healing. so, all will be. you are helping to make it so. (thank you)



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  6. because great film is simply great photography…in motion

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  8. "wonder is the beginning of wisdom"
    — socrates

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  11. "i dream too much, and i don’t write enough, and i’m trying to find GOD everywhere."
    — anis mojgani 

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  13. "a photo says: you were so important to me that i put down everything else…to come watch"
    — jodi picoult

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  14. because she looks like she “don’t have time for the games, waitin’ on this damn bus

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