1. "you cannot find peace by avoiding life"
    — virginia woolf 

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  3. because my sundays are reserved for prayers.
    because prayer looks different to different people.

    because mines look like screaming (and sometimes tears) and deep breathing and fresh water and reggae and dancing in my underwear and then calm when everything is completely purged out.

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  4. "nobody can teach me who i am. you can describe parts of me, but who i am - and what i need - is something i have to find out myself."
    — chinua achebe

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  5. ::because their youth is (often) robbed of it’s innocence::

    because their sweetness is seen as savage…they are hunted while playing, stunted while growing.

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  7. (because gardening and peach picking feels like bliss with my flower gyal)

    because in regards to her hair, my friend yatta said “some of my favorite clouds are just like these” and i smile…because all little brown gyals should know they’re, both, beauty and brilliance, and yes, you’ve been born with clouds upon your head, chile (t’is why we call you ‘earth’).

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  8. "devour old films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows."
    — jim jarmusch 

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  9. because i met him at the corner of broad and erie, smiling to the world and mumbling to the wind.

    because he told me that he doesn’t remember the last time he was photographed.

    because when i asked “where is your family”? he opened his arms, as if to embrace the world, and replied “look around”.

    because he is the reason i talk to strangers often, and the reason i no longer believe in “strangers” at all.

    because his name is “ennis”, he said, “like my mama said ‘who the f*ck even needs a d’ ”.

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  11. because road trips and baby roll bliss…

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  12. "

    i have a thousand things to do | i have a ton of baggage | i have friends with burdens | i have little money | i have many losses | i have many sacrifices | yet, i feel euphoric | i feel free | i feel happy |

    i feel…unburdened.

    — ego freedom, joseph cook 

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  15. (because an honest character will always speak for you)

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