1. because i met him at the corner of broad and erie, smiling to the world and mumbling to the wind.

    because he told me that he doesn’t remember the last time he was photographed.

    because when i asked “where is your family”? he opened his arms, as if to embrace the world, and replied “look around”.

    because he is the reason i talk to strangers often, and the reason i no longer believe in “strangers” at all.

    because his name is “ennis”, he said, “like my mama said ‘who the f*ck even needs a d’ ”.

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  3. because road trips and baby roll bliss…

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  4. "

    i have a thousand things to do | i have a ton of baggage | i have friends with burdens | i have little money | i have many losses | i have many sacrifices | yet, i feel euphoric | i feel free | i feel happy |

    i feel…unburdened.

    — ego freedom, joseph cook 

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  7. (because an honest character will always speak for you)

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  8. "individuals do not create rebellions; conditions do."
    — imam jamil abdullah al-amin 

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  10. "there is a [god] inside of me that i cannot give up on."
    —  sade harrison

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  12. because ‘peace’ looks different…moment to moment…

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  13. "i have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person i am today."
    — charlotte eriksson, empty roads & broken bottles; in search for the great perhaps

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  15. "i need to be alone for certain periods of time or i violate my own rhythm."
    — lee krasner

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